The zero change scenario

The manager and his religion, when stings stay as they are


To me the widespread belief in the Holy Grail of making money is one of the causes for many, if not all, critical issues we face. This single focus leads to behavior that fills the headlines today. That’s the tip of the iceberg, and bankers aren’t the only ones. The underlying human hunger for power and status are beyond reach for now, but maybe a view on the end game of the current global religion can help speed up change.


For all clarity; there’s nothing wrong with earning a decent living, but money should be the result of a valuable contribution made, not the main objective as such. Not if you aim for sustainability.
The attention for durability, customer happiness, stakeholders etc. is a good sign, but isn’t moving fast enough yet to counter the pace of the destruction of the environment or the rise of bonuses.


The key issue with this religion is it’s love for short term. It leaves no room for the long term vision and thinking that helps true innovation. If this path is continued, it could lead to the lonely manager begging for salvation at the same alter that caused his misery.

With this vision in mind it will be easier to recognize the signs. Then we move to the next step: a shared need for change. Once we have that the fun part starts: creating new options, for sustainable competitive advantage, happy customers that tell their friends to buy from you and profitable growth. I’m ready, how about you?

One Comment on “The zero change scenario”

  1. Norbert Linke schreef:

    maybe you should read: Giorgio Agamben: Kirche und Reich, Merve Verlag Berlin, page 29 ..sorry only in German or Italian, but it talks about a deeper and gerneral uneasness about our situation:
    …….”Die totale Verrechtlichung und Ökonomisierung der zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen, die Verwechslung dessen, was wir glauben, hoffen und lieben können, mit dem, was wir gezwungen sind zu tun oder nicht zu tun, zu sagen oder nicht zu sagen, sind Ausdruck einer Krise nicht nur des Rechts und des Staats sondern auch und gerade der Kirche.”..

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